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Here at Yes Deer I am all about helping you get the absolute most out of your website.


Below you’ll find a stack of my favourite free resources that are designed to take your website to the next level – no matter what stage you’re in. 

Are you leaving money on the table?

If done right, your website will be your most formidable sales person, taking visitors and converting them in to paying customers. But that’s not quite as easy as it sounds.


Website conversion strategy is a science, to which there are many moving parts.


The Boost My Conversion Rate Worksheet will walk you through each strategy I employ on every Yes Deer website I build, so you can ensure you’re maximizing your conversion rate (and profit). 

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Don't get Stuck On Step #1

SO many business owners I speak to confess they get stuck on the very first step of their website: choosing a hosting provider. 

And fair enough. It’s an ocean of overwhelm when it comes to hosting – everywhere you turn someone is telling you something different. And then there are different types? Shared? E-Commerce? Cloud? VPS? 


The Ultimate Hosting Guide cuts through the info overload, defines each hosting type and even provides real recommendations (no affiliate marketing here, just the companies I have found to be best to work with). 


I’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward

I’m currently working on a deep dive mini challenge that focuses on one of the most important sections of your website: The Hero Section. 


The top half of your home page should grab your visitors and reel them in – hook, line and sinker. 


The Kick Ass Hero Section Mini Challenge is a FREE three part video tutorial that walks you through the nuts and bolts of conversion strategy (aka the hook, the line and the sinker). 


Register your interest if you’d like to know how to get your home page turning website visitors into leads – and paying clients. 


Get your ducks in a row

Are you about to press the big red “LAUNCH” button? Have you just added new services, or redesigned your website? Or perhaps you just want to audit what you’ve already got. 


Get my carefully crafted website audit. This is the testing routine I run through on every single website I build, or when I provide feedback on an existing site. 


It may seem obvious – but having a clearly laid out checklist will allow your own eyes to be that “fresh pair of eyes” you so often need on your website!

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