The Conversion Rate: Demystified
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What is your conversion rate?

Your conversion rate is calculated as the number of people who booked you (or bought from you, if you’re an e-commerce brand) divided by the total number of website visitors.


So if you had 28 bookings in March, and 589 visitors to your site, your conversion rate would be 4.7%.


If your site needs to hit 1500 visitors to get 28 bookings? Your conversion rate would only be 1.8%


What’s the difference between conversion and traffic?

The two pillars of any successful website are:

  1. Traffic (driving lots of visitors to a website)
  2. Conversion (converting lots of visitors to paid bookings or orders)


If no one sees your website, you’ll struggle to make sales. But getting visitors there is only half the battle. Once they’re there – you need them to convert.


To solve the issue of not having enough traffic you would look at things like SEO, paid social media ads etc. And we seem to hear a lot about traffic strategies from the experts. But there’s not quite as much hype around the lesser well known art of conversion.


The art of conversion (strategy)

When I build WordPress websites for service based businesses, I implement several conversion systems and strategies such as:

  • Kick ass hero section (you can sign up to the Kick Ass Hero Section mini course here).
  • Optimised images (so they load fast and look good)
  • No nasty surprises (use visual queues)
  • A clear call to action (on every page)
  • FAQs that put objections to rest
  • An About Us page (…that’s really about them)


Are you leaving money on the table? If you want to maximize your conversion rate you can get the detailed list of my conversion strategies here for free.


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