Web Design with a twist


I didn’t always want to be a web designer.


Possibly because ‘web designers’ weren’t really a thing in the early 90’s. Possibly because I grew up in a ‘start up’ myself and shied away from the rollercoaster (spoiler alert, I now live for the rollercoaster).


As a kid I imagined working in Africa or rescuing dolphins. As an adult I gravitated towards something a little more realistic – and did my degree in psychology.


After years of working with homeless teenagers, I began to hunger for change. That’s how the ‘travel’ chapter of my life began. I took a job in the family IT business and spent a lot of time on the road. I worked from bars in Paris, cafe’s in Peru and lounge rooms in London.


The travel chapter came to an end – just as the Mum chapter began. Everything changed. I longed for flexibility, but I still dreamt of helping people. And so I ‘started up.’


Helping start-ups convert leads to clients and avoid website shame


Web design might seem like a far cry from psychology – but you’d be surprised. Unlike most web design companies – Yes Deer Web Design is all about relationships. The relationship between web designer and business is a long term relationship (or at least, it should be). We don’t ‘dump and run’ once the job is done – we’re there for you for weeks, months and years to come.


As your business grows, your website grows with you.


And I still spend my days helping people. I know that as a start-up you want:


  • A space you’re proud of to direct your potential clients to
  • A website that actually brings clients through the door
  • Someone you can trust
  • The freedom to update your website yourself (or have the option to pay someone else to do it for you)

Put your best foot forward


If you want to put your best foot forward from the get-go and give your clients the confidence they need to choose you, please book a call with me today to get the ball rolling.

Jasmine Glasgow founder of yes deer web design head shot

Traveler; Mother; IT Nerd.​

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